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Color Hope Yellow

The FITA fandom headquarters

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Welcome to the headquarters for Our Proud New Fandom--Flowers in the Attic!

Need a refresher on what the books (Flowers in the Attic, Petals on the Wind, If there be Thorns, Seeds of Yesterday, Garden of Shadows) are about? Check out the canon plot summaries for all five books here.

Ready to start reading fic? There's a list of 49 fics through which you can browse here.

Here are some rules or guidelines:

1. All fic, art, icons, fanvids, discussion topics, or whathaveyou are welcome to be posted, as long as they are based on the Flowers in the Attic universe.

2. All ratings (G - NC-17) and squicks (appropriately labelled) are welcome.

3. All fics and art must be placed behind a cut, with these exceptions:

~ a. FIC: 100-word drabbles may be posted without a cut as long as they are PG-13 or under without squicks other than incest.

~ b. ART: Small thumbnails of art may be posted uncut as teasers (not more than 150 pixels in width or height), but the actual art itself must be posted under a cut.

~ c. ICONS: For a set of icons, up to three can be posted as teasers; any more than that must go under a cut.

4. The subject line of your art or fic post should read like this:

ART or FIC: "Title", rating, pairing or character(s).

Or for icons:
ICONS: Total amount of icons, pairings or characters featured (optional)

Here are some examples:

FIC: "Touch the Sun", R, Chris/Cathy
ART: "Touch the Sun", R, Chris/Cathy
ICONS: 9, Chris/Cathy, Corrine, Chris/Corrine

5. For fic posts, please copy and paste this template into your entry:

RATING: (G through NC-17)
WARNINGS: (List anything in your story/picture that you think might be upsetting to other viewers)

And this one for art:


6. Be nice to other posters, and meticulous with ratings and warnings!

7. It is requested, but not required, that stories longer than what you deem drabble-length be beta'd. If you can't find a beta, you can contact me (laelithe @ gmail.com) and I'll help you out.

Have fun!

Your loving mod,

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